History of Frederick County,
Maryland: From the Earliest ..., Volume 2

By Folger McKinsey

WILLIAM McCLELLAN RODERICK one of the enterprising and well to do farmers of Urbana District lives on the largest farm in that section his place containing 347 acres and being situated one mile from the village of Urbana. Mr Roderick first purchased the home place of his father in law William E Mercer, consisting of 200 acres Since then he has added 147 acres.

It was originally the old Captain John F Simmons home who was a large slave holder Benjamin Duvall was the next owner. He came to this place from Buckeystown and held it for twenty seven years.

Mr Roderick was born on a farm known as the Nelson place near New London in New Market district Frederick county, December 25 1861. He is a son of William and Ellen Lease Roderick.

The Roderick family is descended from one of three brothers who came from Germany. One settled in Virginia and another in Pennsylvania. The ancestor of William McC Roderick took up his residence in Maryland.

The Rhodericks of the Middletown Valley are of the same stock. John Roderick the grandfather of William McC Roderick lived in Mount Pleasant District Frederick County. He was a farmer by vocation.

He was the father of seven children
1 William the father of our subject
2 Susan deceased wife of Joseph Cramer a farmer of Mt Pleasant District
3 Elizabeth deceased wife of the late William Buckey who was a farmer of Mt Pleasant District
4 George who was a farmer died in Frederick County
5 John was a farmer and married a Miss Sponseller
6 Joseph married a Miss Zimmerman and
7 Jane the wife of Author Sponseller of New Market District

William Roderick son of John Roderick was born in Mount Pleasant District Frederick County, January 31 1817. He was educated in the common schools of the District He followed agricultural pursuits and died in his native district March 18 1877. He lent his influence to the support of the Republican party. He was an attendant of the Baptist Church of which his wife was a member.

Mr Roderick was married to Ellen Lease daughter of Daniel and Cathrine Lease. She was born August 5 1831 and is still living (Now Deceased).

There were nine children born to this union.
Annie who was born April 22 1853 is the wife of Gideon Ramsburg of Frederick District
Fanny who was born March 23 1856 is deceased
Charles was born August 10 1857 and is deceased
Mary C was born April 10 1860
William McClellen whose name heads this review
Susie who was born June 4 1865 is the wife of Thomas Boyer of Lebanon Pa
Mollie was born November 22 1867 and is dead
Gertrude was born July 5 1871 and has never married and
Ada was born September 19 1873 and is deceased

William McClellan Roderick, son of William and Ellen Lease Roderick, was but fourteen years old when his father died and that event terminated his school attendance

The family were living at that time on the Dr Schley farm in Mount Pleasant district.
Charles the eldest brother was then seventeen and their mother undertook the management of the place. William and his brother did the farming. Thus Mr Roderick became used to hard work at a very early age.

His brother died a few years later and for a few years after that they still lived here all of the outside work devolving upon our subject.

He lived with his mother until he was married. When he had accumulated $500 by strict economy excepting $167 which he inherited from his father, he began to farm on the Samuel Nusbaum farm in Mount Pleasant District where he remained for two years.

He then removed to the John Cramer farm in the same district staying there for a like period. He then went to live on his present place which at first he rented but afterwards purchased.

This farm is a very desirable property and is a good producer. Mr Roderick is up to date and progressive in his methods of agriculture. He is a hustler and energetic and has made a success of life entirely by his own efforts. He is held in high regard in the community in which he lives.

In politics Mr Roderick has been a stanch Republican all of his life He has served as Road supervisor for twelve years.

He holds membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Urbana in which he is a steward.

Mr Roderick was married February 15 1888 to Clara W Mercer daughter of William E and Ada Webster Mercer of what is now Braddock District Frederick County.

There are The following children who were born to this marriage.
Harry McComas born November 26 1888
Elmer Ellsworth born February 26 1891
Andrew McClellen born August 26 1893
Nellie Mercer born March 14 1896
Bessie Gertrude born Nov 12 1898
Edith W born December 12 1900
Ruth Gray born March 29 1904 and
Raymond born August 13 1910